The Museum of the Nantes vineyard

The Museum of the Nantes vineyard has got the label "Musée de France". It protects the collection of the Nantes vineyard region and highlights its status for all the visitors.
Visits to get to know and to understand how the wines of Nantes are produced. Activities are organized to play and to taste. From the 16th century to nowadays : it has always been a matter of know-how, landscapes, techniques, a real human adventure.

A land museum…

Situated in the heart of the Nantes vineyard region,
In the little town of Le Pallet,
Open from April to November

A collection

Of 700 objects
Discover the history of a terroir,
The Nantes wine-growers' know-how,
And the evolution of the techniques

Visits for everyone

With your family, your friends or with a group,
You can visit the museum freely or with a guide :
Visit notebooks, technical specifications sheets, games, videos,
Special itineraries for families, tasting initiations…

And also :

Educational and fun workshops,
An information center,
A room devoted to Pierre Abelard,
Events for young and older people,
Yearly exhibitions,
A shop



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